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Residential Drywall Contractor

Your Nearby Residential Drywall Contractor with Decades of Experience

You love your home and you don't want your renovation to end up looking like the DIY project down the street. At Lomeli Drywall, Inc. we know that a quality drywall installation will make the difference between an elegant finish and one that needs to be redone, again. We are your residential drywall contractor with over 30 years of experience adding value and beauty to our neighbors' homes. You may be able to buy all the materials at the big box shop, but it takes a practiced hand to create a smooth and seamless finish.

Sharp Corners and Invisible Joints

Whether you are knocking walls down or building them up, turn to us when you want a gorgeous arch, crisp new corner, or a massive wall perfect for displaying your favorite art. Creating a smooth seam starts with mounting the drywall sheets as square as possible. We then take our time building up and sanding out layers of tape and mud so that the joins disappear before your eyes. Once the room is painted, it is like we were never there.

An Expert for Installing Residential Drywall

Do you manage an apartment complex or condo building? When you need quick and clean repairs completed for the next tenant to move in, we can generally get you fixed up in a single day. We can add a small patch or replace an entire panel and have it ready for the painters in short order. Is it time to erase the 80s and that popcorn ceiling? Maybe you want to add some stucco or texture to the room. Whatever your plans, we are your expert for residential drywall.

Give our office a call at Lomeli Drywall, Inc. to request your quick and competitive bid. We are happy to visit your property or can provide a quote when we are supplied with accurate specs and drawings by your general contractor.

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