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Drywall Remodeling

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services for a Contemporary Home

Whether you bought the home years ago or yesterday, that popcorn ceiling is simply driving you nuts! Lomeli Drywall, Inc. can make it go away! Give us a ring for a quick quote for popcorn ceiling removal. You might be surprised at how fast and affordable this dramatic upgrade actually is. In one day, we can scrape down that textured ceiling, patch any cracks or dings, and leave you a ceiling ready for paint. Just imagine your living room looking like it belongs in the twenty-first century!

Drywall Remodeling can Bring Open Concept or Separation

Did you know that many walls that are part of your mid-century home likely are not structural and can be removed for an open concept floor plan? When it is time for you to make some big changes to your home, give us a ring for your drywall remodeling needs. We can create a cut through between rooms, close off a removed window space, or add a curved corner to complement that old arched doorway. Did you want to bring some texture into your white walls? Whatever you need, we have the expertise, manpower, and tools to make it happen.

Professional Crew Working Hard for more than 30 Years

Lomeli Drywall, Inc. has been helping the Santa Barbara region for over three decades! Our crews include time tested masters of the trade that are teaching the next generation. We enjoy coordinating with the other trades working the job and take pride in delivering a polished presentation when we put our putty knives and sanding blocks down. Give us a ring when you want a professional finish to your home renovation project.

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