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Drywall Repair

Make It Like New with Drywall Remodeling after Water Damage

Whether it is a leak from your gutter or an invasion of groundwater in the basement, you will need assistance with drywall remodeling after water damage. At Lomeli Drywall, Inc. we can help take the sting out of the situation by ensuring that all the damaged wallboard is removed and the repair appears like it never happened. Many homeowners that try to tackle this job on their own end up coming to the professionals when the water stains return, even if the source of the problem was stopped. Skip the sorrow and call us today.

Drywall Repair after the Flood or Fire

Did you know that if you leave drywall that has been damaged by water in place, it will develop harmful black mold? Our drywall repair services will ensure that we get all of the bad drywall out of your home and that the room is dry and ready for repair. In many cases, you may only need to replace a few feet surrounding the small leak. We can fit a piece of drywall in place, tape, mud, and sand leaving you a blank slate ready for paint or paper.

Replacing a Single Wall or the Entire Home Interior

The best news is that if the water damage is more significant than you first thought, our drywall company is prepared for any size job. We regularly work with both new home and commercial builders, so we have the crews ready to tackle an entire home drywall job when it is needed. Talk to us about design, too! We can add soundproofing, blue, green, or purple boards to help you use your home as intended while seeing to the health and safety of your family.

Water damage can be distressing. But we can make it better! Call Lomeli Drywall, Inc. today for an in-home quote and restore your living space as soon as possible.

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