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LOMELI DRYWALL has continued to serve the Santa Barbara and Tri-County area since 1996. Most recently in 2019 the business has expanded to the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area. Building a name for itself with experienced contractors and home builders as a local business to know and trust, it continues to earn its reputation by providing quality service that is second to none.


Lomeli Drywall stands on the culmination of invaluable industry experience with a passion to provide a service that can be seen in the quality of work provided over the years.


Our goal is to provide outstanding quality work that will beat your everyday expectation.



Ernesto Lomeli, Owner



Owner Ernesto Lomeli, grew up in Carpinteria, CA, and began working in the drywall industry over 30 years ago. In the field, Ernesto earned a reputation for being reliable, prompt and professional. Starting his own small business in 1996, Lomeli Drywall has continued to serve the Santa Barbara Tri-County. Building the company from the ground up, Ernesto has continued to take pride and interest in his work from start to finish and is actively involved in daily operations in the office, out in the field and within the community. By maintaining the best prices in town and a high reputation, Ernesto continues to provide only the best in customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

Community Work


As a member of the community, Lomeli Drywall, Inc. has been there when called upon to help rebuild Santa Barbara. After the Montecito Tea Fire in 2008, that left over 150 homes devistated, there was a great need for contracters to come in and help home owners who wanted to rebuild. Lomeli Drywall helped with multiple homes.




Lomeli Drywall has earned an excellent reputation in the drywall industry based on quality, reliability and sustainability that can be demonstrated in each project, regardless of size, as well as in the building of Santa Barbara's awarded Green House.




Best known for his work within the community, Ernesto Lomeli was one of many to find his skills and knowledge required, after the devastation that was left behind by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Traveling over two thousand miles away Ernesto and a few other locals helped first get rid of debris and then start on the long process of turning, what had once been someones home, into a place to sleep, eat and return to.

Residential Drywall Contractor
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